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Thrill seekers in Coron will get their fill of water adventures in this package that gives them passes up to five amazing water activities: parasailing, flyfishing, banana boat riding, and more! Speedboat transfers going to Royal Island is included in the package, along with comfortable, safe, professional equipment, so the only thing you'll have to worry about is which adrenaline-pumping ride to go on first! Parasailing will have you soaring over Coron's blue waters, fighting the wind as you see gorgeous views of the island from the height. If you're going with a group looking for another high-speed ride, the banana boat is one way for you all to experience the fast life over water! This is the perfect package for adventurers looking for some fast thrills in Coron, Palawan!

Combo Package Rates

2 water ride + Parasail          Php 3800 per head

3 water ride + Parasail          Php 4400 per head

4 water ride + Parasail          Php 4900 per head

Booking information

  • An adult should be present to sign the waiver for participants aged 4-17 for water rides

  • Do not participate in this activity if you’ve just consumed alcoholic beverages

  • If the sea is too rough, the activity may be cancelled. If winds are too strong, activity may also be cancelled.

  • All guests are required to sign a liability waiver form that inform them of the risks of the activity

  • Participants must be aged 4+ to participate in water rides 

  • Children aged 6-17 must be accompanied by a paying adult during the flight

  • The price is same for ages 4+

Prohibitions and Limitations

  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart conditions and etc.

Meet up information:

  • Arrive at the meet up location 15 minutes before the scheduled activity time

  • Make sure to arrive on time

  • Coron Harbor Square is located at Coron Town Proper, New Reclamation Site

Things to Note

  • We encourage anyone who has experienced flu-like symptoms, or has family members with symptoms, to refrain from visiting our outlet if at all possible

  • For non watersports participants but wants to come to the island to watch their family member, a companion fee of Php 500 per head will be charged.

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